We intend this site to be a collection of some of the best practices from many traditions, both ancient and modern, for developing core human skills.

That means that we want this site to be a repository for the best descriptions of practices that we can assemble, but it also means that we want to foster a community to help collect and refine those practices.  We invite volunteers to suggest additional material, to evaluate our descriptions and test the practices themselves, and to share their experiences.

Since we intend, however, to publish the collected materials in book form later on, we must stipulate that all comments, posts, or chats on the Eupraxia website are copyrighted.  We will gratefully acknowledge all contributions, both on this site and in any eventual book that may result.  We’re sorry, but we can’t give out copies –if so few people get involved that we can afford to give away copies, we’re probably on the wrong track.


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