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Taylor Ellwood

Taylor Ellwood
Taylor Ellwood has been fascinated by magic since he was a child and read his first fantasy book and realized he also wanted to be a magician. When he was 16, he found out magic was real, if not quite like the fantasy books and decided to pursue it, realizing it was a major part of his spiritual path and life.

Taylor first started practicing an eclectic mix of neoshamanism and elemental Hermeticism, and gradually found his way to Golden Dawn Ceremonial magic. He practiced that for a while, before moving on to Ceremonial magical practices that fell outside the usual practices most magicians know about. Taylor focused on the ceremonial work of William Gray and Franz Bardon, as well as other writers not as well known as A. Crowley, but infinitely more interesting than what the aforementioned beast wrote. He eventually graduated into chaos magic, and from there started developing his own systems of magic, which he continues to do to this day.

Taylor has also studied and practiced Taoist, Tibetan, and Buddhist meditation and internal alchemy techniques, and these inform a lot of his practices today. At this juncture, Taylor feels that internal work is an absolute must for any magician to fully realize his/her potential.  Taylor’s focus as a magician is to innovate and experiment with what can be done magically. Instead of settling for what others have done, he prefers to walk his own path. While he’ll always acknowledge the influences that inform his practice, he doesn’t believe in blindly worshiping them. Critical inquiry, a desire to learn and experience, and also a willingness to raise the bar for magical practice is ultimately what informs Taylor’s practice.

Taylor is the Managing Non-Fiction Editor of Megalithica Books, an imprint of Immanion Press. He first started working with Immanion press in 2004, when they published his first solo book Pop Culture Magick. As the managing non-fiction editor for Immanion Press, Taylor’s vision for the non-fiction line is that Immanion Press publishes edgy, experimental, and controversial books about magic and the occult subculture.

Taylor is also the author of six books on occultism, and is currently working on three more books. For more information about his books, please check out the pages for each book. Taylor is also a speaker and presenter and is happy to come to your event and present for you.


Bill Whitcomb in younger days

Bill Whitcomb
Bill Whitcomb was born a typical child of the 20th century until contracting Semiotic fever, an imaginary disease characterized by oneirodynia, mythopoetic swelling, and hermeneutic convulsions, resulting in chronic obsession with symbols and language. Some claim that after being bitten by a wide variety of non-radioactive creatures and exposure to extra-terrestrial solar rays, Whitcomb exhibited a seemingly complete lack of paranormal abilities, though there is little proof of this assertion. Whitcomb is best known for his books about magical symbolism and practices, The Magician’s Companion (available from Llewellyn Publications) and The Magician’s Reflection (available in a revised and expanded edition from Megalithica Books). He has also written more anomalous texts, such as Selections from the Dream Manual (also available from Megalithica).  Bill Whitcomb is believed to be living in the Pacific Northwest United States where he researches the practices of non-existent secret societies and awaits for the correct alignment of obscure stars.


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